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What to Do to Receive Your Free Pulsechain iEthereum

Do you have iEthereum waiting for you on Pulsechain?

As many of you probably already know; Richard Heart’s Ethereum forked Pulsechain has launched. As promised, with the launch came the largest free airdrop to date in crypto history. For every Ethereum and Ethereum based ERC20 tokens you held in your own self custodied Ethereum wallet at the time of the fork… you have received 1:1 copies of that specific token and its associated smart contract. Including iEthereum.

What value that specific iEthereum token has depends on its network and communities present and future value. I wrote “Metcalfe’s Law and iEthereum’s Value.” to explain.

To help build the value of iEthereum on other chains; we will be discussing in this article, how to access your forked copies of Pulsechain iEthereum (PiEth).

If you held iEthereum in your own self custodied Ethereum wallet prior to May 10, 2023; you were essentially airdropped, forked, duplicated, or copied the equivalent quantity (1:1) of Pieth (Pulsechain iEthereum). The exact block that the fork took place was 17233000.

In order to use your copied iEthereum on Pulsechain, you must first take possession of these copies. The easiest method to date is through Metamask or any other Ethereum based interface that allows you to choose and customize various EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) networks.

VERY IMPORTANT: No manual contract interaction is required to claim. NONE. Beware of scammers saying otherwise. Never give up your private keys to anyone. Private keys represent ownership. If you give out your private keys, you are giving up ownership of your property.

Once your inside Metamask, under the drop down menu, select custom network. Input the following information:

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