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Google BARD AI said this About iEthereum

Google AI qualifies iEthereum code

This, I believe, will be the final segment of the interview I held with Google AI Bard this past July.

I mentioned I wanted to break these interviews up into segments to allow for a more focused iEthereum article topic. I also do not want to stretch them out for months. Give me some feedback on these interviews. We would appreciate it.

In the conversation, “iEther called CAP on BARD AI,” we covered the basis of iEthereum. Very interesting. We also got to witness a change in thought, belief and/or knowledge by BARD regarding iEthereum mid interview. I shared this testament in an article reaction to that interview, “ BARD interview #1 Response.”

I covered these topics in both those previous articles.

However, the interview continued. I submitted the raw source code of iEthereum, contract 0x859a9C0b44cb7066D956a958B0b82e54C9e44b4B.

The iEthereum origin is the …

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