iEthereum Gematria

The Wizardry of iEthereum

Happy Birthday to the late Steve Jobs. This is a special publishing on 2/24/2024 outside of our regularly scheduled postings with intent and reasoning.

February 24th, the 55th day of the year.

Lets deep dive. Lets apply Gematria code to iEthereum.

Over the past decade, I have become interested in the Gematria of all things.

The study of the geometry of letters and numbers merged.

This study can be applied to the world we live in; news, politics, sports, world events, organizations, and now cryptocurrencies. Thank you Zachary Hubbard for this knowledge and wisdom. One of the most censored men of our time. You are ahead of your time. Your teachings will propagate for generations to come.

According to the Oxford dictionary, Gematria is a Kabbalistic method of interpreting the Hebrew scriptures.

Outside of interpreting scriptures, using this occult practice in our modern day to day can provide valuable insight into the matrix in which we live. Essentially, Gematria is the practice of assigning a numerical value to a name, word or phrase by reading it as a number or using an alphanumerical cipher. There are over 32 known Gematria ciphers using varied alphanumerical values and used by various pinnacles of power.

Huh? For a simple cipher example; A=1, B=2, C=3, …… , Z=26. if your still having a hard time following along, go listen to the Jackson 5 song ABC. “ABC, Its easy as 1,2,3.” They have been telling us this code for decades if we have ears to hear, eyes to see.

I am not an expert in Gematria. I have found great value and fascination in learning the practice as a novice. There is something of organic nature regarding gematria. However, beyond any shadow of reasonable doubt we have realized the various power structures use their own delegated cipher to communicate and/or perform magic (Spell ing) on the populations.

How does any of this pertain to iEthereum? Let me see if I can reign this conversation in.

iEthereum does contain the Apple and Ethereum logos as its own. Meaning, its not a stretch of the imagination to assume a connection.

Lets get confirmation using the practice of gematria.

Bills Gates, a self proclaimed minor wizard, called Steve Jobs a wizard who was able to cast spells that mesmerized people. Elon Musk at 1:26pm on July 7, 2019 reaffirmed this thought on a tweet, “Cat is out of the bag" shortly after the Gates interview.

BTW, It is not coincidence that Elon tweeted “Cat is out of the Bag” which equals 77 on July 7th, or 7/7.

LOL, we are just getting started. This goes deep my friends.

Lets see if we can make sense of this wild wizardry with the use of Gematria.

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