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May 2024 iEthereum Digital Commodity Index Report

A Monthly iEthereum Analysis

The iEthereum Advocacy Trust is thrilled to announce our new initiative aimed at enhancing community engagement and adding value to the iEthereum ecosystem.

We are proud to introduce a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) designed to onboard new members and boost the value of the iEthereum token. This development is expected to be well-received by the current supporters and speculators.

This initiative is the iEthereum Digital Commodity Index Report. This report will be published on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, providing valuable insights into the performance and trends within the iEthereum market. In the event of regulatory changes that classify digital assets specifically, we are ready to adjust the report’s title to reflect iEthereum’s new status. For the time being, we are calling iEthereum a digital commodity.

The first issue, the May 2024 iEthereum Digital Commodity Index Report, will be accessible at the end of this article.

This journey has been filled with challenges, each of which will be continued to be met with determination and innovation. We plan to make incremental improvements to each report in the coming months, quarters, and years. Recognizing the numerous challenges ahead, we have chosen to address them progressively. Thus, we are unveiling our "MVP" report today.

One of the biggest challenges in this development is my skillset, which does not include IT or software coding—skills that would be invaluable for retrieving real-time data visualization of iEthereum, an ERC20 token leveraging the Ethereum framework.

With the publication of this first iEthereum Digital Commodity Index Report, we have tackled the complexity of interacting with the Ethereum blockchain beyond conventional tools like Etherscan or Ethplorer to extract custom data points essential for our reports. This process will evolve, becoming more refined and comprehensive as time goes on.

Moreover, we are tackling the challenge of visually presenting this wealth of data in sleek and informative formats, from reports to charts and graphs. Achieving this requires meticulous planning and the exploration of modern visualization tools that are congruent for formatting across the multitude of platforms we are utilizing to scrape the data. Organizing and automating these intricate processes presents another significant hurdle. This is a work in progress.

Currently, we are leveraging our familiarity with Google Sheets. While functional, its visual appeal is dated and requires extensive manual oversight for routine publishing—a task I am eager to streamline in the future.

Despite constraints of time, expertise, and budget, this project embodies our commitment to continuous improvement and value delivery.

Today marks the release of our inaugural iEthereum Digital Commodity Index Report. This comprehensive document is filled with valuable insights and detailed charts. Key sections of this report include:

  • Total iEthereum Market Capitalization in USD$ Value

  • Average iEthereum USD$ Price over Current Reporting Period

  • Total iEthereum Market Capitalization in ETH Value

  • Total iEthereum ETH Price over Current Reporting Period

  • Total iEthereum Token Holders

  • iEthereum Markets and Exchanges with Current Pairings

  • iEthereum Exchange Holdings Percentage verse Total Supply

  • Top 100 iEthereum Holders Distribution

  • Average iEthereum Holdings

  • Total iEthereum Transactions to Date

  • Notable iEthereum Transactions over Current Reporting Period

  • iEthereum Transaction QTY over Current Reporting Period

  • iEthereum Transactions by Total Dollar Value over Current Reporting Period

  • iEthereum Transaction by Volume over Current Reporting Period

  • Metcalfe Law Valuation Formula applied to iEthereum

  • Raoul Pal Methodology for Cryptocurrency Valuation applied to iEthereum

  • iEthereum User Growth Adoption USD$ Valuation Model

  • Proprietary Intelligence for Recording iEthereum Geographic Sentiment

As we unveil this MVP first edition report, we envision a future of comprehensive insights and expanded horizons. Each subsequent report will feature improvements in formatting, methodology, presentation and an increase in relative data and statistics. Our ultimate goal is to present this information in real-time via our website, providing 24/7 access to members.

Our roadmap also includes extending our reporting to cover iEthereum activities across various chains, including Pulsechain, Ethereum Fair, Ethereum POW, and any other valuable chains iEthereum may function on in the future. Additionally, we are monitoring the development of the alternative iEthereum “Red” and iEthereum Finance projects. Stay tuned as we evaluate whether these or any other projects within the iEthereum ecosystem should be included in our iEthereum Digital Commodity Index Reports, designed to assist iEthereum speculators.

This inaugural report spans seven pages of detailed analysis and visualization, complete with our methodology and a cover page. It represents our first step in a long-term commitment to providing insightful and evolving content to this community.

These reports will be exclusively available to paid annual sponsors of the iEthereum.org newsletter. Subscribers to our premium tier will enjoy full access to all reports: monthly, quarterly, and annual. Every quarter we will publish a report that provides insights into 90-day trends and analysis. Similarly, our annual report will offer a year in review with comparative statistics. We compile our reports in conjunction with the Ethereum network accounting in the UTC time zone.

It's important to note that during the last month of each quarter, our monthly report will be accessible to newsletter subscribers at the free tier level. While maintaining the value for paid annual sponsors, these reports are crafted to keep less invested individuals informed. This empowers them to share valuable insights with their friends, neighbors, and colleagues, thereby supporting continued onboarding into the iEthereum ecosystem. They will not have access to the quarterly report that is published at the same time. This will be reserved for our paid annual sponsors.

We invite you to explore this initial report and join us as we persistently refine and expand our offerings, ensuring the iEthereum ecosystem thrives.

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