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iEthereum: A Global Decentralized Cryptocurrency

Building an Ethereum Proof of Concept

Is it possible that iEthereum was created to be a proof of concept for the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston?

Just asking!

We have published article after article relaying information that we believe to be credible in the sense that iEthereum is good technology.

We have also presented a lot of information that iEthereum might even be classified as genius in future hindsight.

For those that say that genius might be a stretch; let us combine these iEthereum facts:

  • Solid open source smart contract technology

  • Regulatory foresight to not ICO during launch

  • Business acumen to not need to spend tens of millions of dollars on premature marketing or unnecessary salaries

  • Technical aptitude in knowing that the market wants simplicity

  • Advanced strategic business development techniques and controls

  • Social awareness to desired market philosophy for a digital asset with finite supply, fair distribution, and immutability.

The above does not come cheap. To develop the genius mentioned above comes at a cost. The technology needs well paid developer or developers. Whether it be regulatory expertise, business acumen, or technical aptitude; these are skillsets that are highly valued and sought after at a cost.

Additionally, think about the cost associated with sitting out these past two bull cycles with an under the radar performing crypto. Ask yourself why?

These are risks, that in my opinion will be highly rewarded in the future.

In February 2019, The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston wrote a paper titled Beyond Theory: Getting Practical with Blockchain. This document was intended to serve as a valuable tool for business professionals and technologists seeking to explore blockchain, alternatively recognized as distributed ledger technology.

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