iEthereum Raw Source Code

View the iEthereum code for yourself

As we have previously published, iEthereum is original code created by the Human Standard Token contract. We will be diving more into the Human Standard Token in a future article. A good initial article, “The Origins of iEthereum” describing its correlation to the Human Standard Token was published a few months back.

I am not a software developer, coder or technology specialist to fully understand blockchain code. Many readers will resonate with this reality. But I will do my best to break it down in layman terms.

The purpose of this article is two fold.

The first reason is to allow anybody to review and research the code for iEthereum without having to go navigate Etherscan or Github. Both these sites may be overwhelming for novices. Heck, its overwhelming for those of us that scan it everyday. Understanding it may still put you below water, but reading it right here in this post is a good first step in getting familiar with it. Remember, code is code. Code can not perform functions that are not written into the code.

The second reason is to get a little diversity published. As such, iEthereum paired with keywords might allow for google searches to more easily find our site moving into the future. After all, our mission with is to provide an “iEtherean” community meeting space of information, education and insight regarding the iEthereum ecosystem. The more posts I can make, the more likely we will be able to be found in search engines as the iEthereum interest grows.

In future articles we will be reviewing and providing audits of the raw source code for iEthereum listed below. Enjoy.

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