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Integrating iEthereum into Small Business

Hypothesizing iEthereum's Integration and User Experience

iEthereum's stated goal is to easily integrate with shop owners, small business, and online retailers while being simple for customers without a high level of IT expertise.

Lets assume that iEthereum is an Apple product that is leveraged on the Ethereum network as an erc20 token.

How can we hypothesize that shop owners, small business and online retailers can easily integrate iEthereum into current operations while providing a simple and enjoyable experience for the iEthereum users/customers?

Can I bridge this train of thought for computation?

The Integration for Shop Owners and Online Retailers:

1. Plug-and-play integration:

First, lets start with a level head. Regardless, of whether the assumption that iEthereum is an Apple product or not, the following would be a good map for integrating any ERC20 tokens, including iEthereum into your business.

  • Pre-built modules: Provide pre-built ERC20 modules compatible with popular e-commerce platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, Apple Pay, etc.) for easy integration into existing workflows.

  • Minimal coding required: Minimize the need for custom coding by offering pre-configured solutions and intuitive interfaces.

  • API documentation and support: Provide comprehensive API documentation and responsive support to guide shop owners through the integration process.

However, under the assumption that iEthereum is an Apple product, it's reasonable to assume that Apple Pay would be considered a pre-built module for integration with iEthereum. This would further simplify the integration process for shop owners and online retailers already using Apple Pay, as they would essentially be adding another payment option to their existing system.

Here's why Apple Pay would be a valuable pre-built module for iEthereum:

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