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179,552 iEthereum Purchased off Uniswap

The new owners of this iEthereum property

Another iEthereum address to watch!

Big movements in iEthereum have been taking place these past couple of months. We reported in a previous article that Yobit accrued an additional 76,114 iEthereum into their centralized exchange’s coffers.

We speculated this was in preparation for what is to come. We presume, big moves North or South in price are coming.

Combine this news with todays publishing that wallet 0xc8E32242bF2Ee97FE345200F22dF88a9f6140c8B added 179,552 iEthereum to their position. This holder has a nearly $50,000 in their portfolio, holding 7 ERC tokens with just enough Ethereum for gas transactions.

On November 10, 2023 this particular investment totaled 3 separate transactions utilizing the OX Protocol via the Uniswap Liquidty Pool for the iEther/ETH pairing.

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