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What we know

This article is part of our “mystery behind iEthereum” series.

At the time of iEthereum project launch, and just like other projects, iEthereum had a Telegram channel. Perhaps it was a Telegram group. Not sure if it was a channel or a group. Regardless, I may refer to this channel/ group as either or throughout this article. Please don’t get confused.

Kidding, getting confused is exactly what this article is going to do.

However, before I confuse you, feel free to join OUR telegram, the unofficial public channel as a way to receive our weekly article postings and easily share any other news related iEthereum events. We also have a private “invite only” telegram for paid subscribers. Here we discuss the published articles and any other iEthereum inspired conversations. Go ahead and upgrade to receive the invite. A small class size in life is typically a better experience. It wont last this way forever.

Back in 2017 upon launch of the iEthereum project, the official telegram group for iEthereum was @iethereum. This group was apparently hijacked in the middle of 2020 and taken over by a new team promoting a new iEthereum token with a red logo variant. I say red logo token; meaning the original iEthereum logo is blue. The new iEthereum token at launch was the same design yet the coloring outline was red instead of the original blue. Lol, I told you this was going to get confusing.

Additionally, the token contract itself changed. This is where we have to be keen and careful.

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