Fairly Distributed iEthereum Airdrop!

What is a fair distribution for a cryptocurrency or token?

What is a fair distribution for a cryptocurrency or token?

This is where things in the industry and market get complicated.

Everybody has an opinion. And this opinion will differ from character to character, organization to organization, community to community, jurisdiction to jurisdiction and/or circumstance to circumstance.

It is a conundrum. It matters because we are talking about adoption. And future continued adoption requires “perceived fairness.”

According to the opinion of CoinGecko, “ a fair launch refers to an equal distribution of a cryptocurrency at launch . This means everyone will have an equal opportunity to acquire tokens from the beginning, preventing insider trading and price manipulation.”

Current crypto launch distribution methods vary. Examples include venture capital, pre sales, airdrops, lockdrops, rewards, pre mines, and public sales such as Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO), and Initial Dex Offerings (IDO) to name a few.

Venture Capital pre sales are typically limited to accredited investor status participation. If not they come with tail wind legal risk in future.

Lockdrops are creative and favor those that have larger sums of wealth that can afford to take a risk while locking their investment for a prolonged period of time.

Rewards are a great way to encourage participation in an ecosystem while adding value to the network. However, this option limits future adoption because as time goes by, the ecosystem wealth is concentrated into the hands of the earliest community adopters resulting in similar outcomes as other launch distribution methods.

Pre mines require equipment, infrastructure, labor and utility costs. These costs and the required technical expertise varies.

Public sales, here in the United States carries a Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) legal liability for the project.

Vitaik Buterin suggests each of these distribution models are short- term debate narratives and do not reflect , the essential, yet non existing debate regarding long-term distribution methods.

iEthereum stealth launched on October 9th, 2017 with the creation of the token itself.

However discreet, the project provided a published announcement on their website regarding the airdrop to be held from 10/13/2017 - 11/13/2017 or until 99% of total tokens were dispursed; whichever came first.

An iEthereum twitter account announced the airdrop on 10/14/2017.

The terms and conditions were as follows:

  • Click on “Register for the Airdrop”

  • Fill out form

  • Duplicate signups found will be disqualified

  • The maximum number of signups is 7128

The total supply of tokens has been set at 18,000,000 iEth. That means there will never be more than this number of iEth created. A total of 180,000 iEth (1%) has been allocated to the developer team with a 365 day lock -up period from date of creation. That leaves 17,820,000 iEth (99%) to be allocated to claimers on a "first come, first get' basis. Anyone who signs up will receive an equal portion of 99% (17,820,000) of the supply of iEth.

At this time, our analysis confirms to a degree of certainty 7128 wallets did receive 2500 iEthereum tokens via airdrop between 10/14/2017 and 10/19/2017 via airdrop deployment addresses 0x71169b122aADcA4c1678572e1f27DeEe9C64C8DB and 0x1af00FD719E00347A517aF0716dbcAEED9A7B230.

We reserve the right make a correction or revise our outlook on this analysis as our investigation continues. This research takes time and resources.

As things stand, we consider this to be a 3 day airdrop campaign success.

Add into the hindsight fact, this project held no ICO. No ICO = No SEC legal tailwind risk.

Additionally, this is a crypto project token that distributed 99% of supply outside of the project itself at time of airdrop.

Our conclusion is this project ranks amongst the fairest of fair for launch distribution methods, to date amongst all crypto projects.

The iEthereum project launch looks to be very smart, smooth, strategic, patient, organic, risk adverse and an opportune crypto distribution model.

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