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Our distribution schedule for our annual premium paid sponsors will include the first 10,000 members. They will receive 99,400 iEthereum in total.

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These free iEthereum will be getting purchased off the open market at fair market value at the time of purchase. This promotion was created at a time when we realistically are able to pick iEthereum up for under $0.10 cents. We will end this promotion when a) we hit 10,000 subscribed sponsors or b) iEthereum surpasses $1. We reserve the right to change this promotion at any time. We expect iEthereum to massively increase in price and we may not be able to afford our offering if this turns out to be the case prior to the first 10,000 signups. Of course we are urging will be sponsors to sign up now so not to miss out on this distribution opportunity.

Currently, this operation is self funded and ran by me. All paid sponsorships will fund the administration, development and operations of the vision stated in our first published article, “Who is the iEthereum Advocacy Trust.”

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Note: We are not the founders. iEthereum is a 2017 MIT Open Source Licensed Project. We are simply talking about this project that nobody else is while it is publicly listed on several coin indexes.

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