An iEtherean Tale #17

Stellar Secrets: iEthereum's Galactic Legacy

An imaginary iEtherean tale based on true stories, real events, news, articles and/or facts…

In the farthest reaches of a distant galaxy, where cosmic wonders stretched beyond the imagination, lived two celestial beings named Pap El and Sofia. These cosmic entities, observers of the cosmic ballet, had witnessed the birth of countless worlds. Among them, Earth had piqued their interest. Little did they know that this seemingly ordinary planet held a secret tied to a digital currency known as iEthereum.

It all began 2310 days ago, on October 9, 2017, in Earth's reckoning of time. Pap El and Sofia, intrigued by the potential of Earth's civilizations, initiated the creation of an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network. This digital marvel bore the name iEthereum and was brought into existence in block 4350256. The cosmic architects, like weavers of destiny, coded the token into existence through the deployer address 0x1af00FD719E00347A517aF0716dbcAEED9A7B230.

The token, like a cosmic beacon, held a unique contract address, 0x859a9C0b44cb7066D956a958B0b82e54C9e44b4B, and its originating transaction was adorned with the celestial hash 0xe97b27e217b86b229bd44686d1095b43232e0c378db82427ea7c5d1666326df8.

As the iEthereum token unfurled its digital wings, conversations among celestial beings ensued about its peculiar reference to the Human Standard Token. Sofia, with her curiosity as boundless as the cosmos, engaged in ethereal discussions with Pap El about the enigmatic connection between iEthereum and the Human Standard Token.

In the spirit of preserving ancient cosmic wisdom, Pap El and Sofia birthed a cosmic newsletter community. Their mission was to document the past fundamentals of iEthereum, safeguarding knowledge threatened by the relentless march of time and restricted access to historical internet archives.

The cosmic history of iEthereum was a tapestry of enigma and intrigue, illuminated by the cosmic beings' cosmic memory. The logo of Ethereum nestled within the Apple symbol, a pseudonymous launch under the MIT license, and the strategic avoidance of ICOs painted a celestial picture of a digital odyssey.

Governing its throttle to thwart adoption, iEthereum engaged in a cosmic dance of price manipulation at the highest echelons, confounding even celestial entities. Pap El and Sofia, cosmic historians of their own right, recalled the notion that the original iEthereum emerged from the virtual crucible of GitHub, a fork birthed from the Human Standard Token.

Yet, as cosmic archives aged, the celestial historians sought confirmation from entities with the power to delve into GitHub's ancient scrolls. Their plea echoed through the cosmic expanse, reaching the ears of cosmic entities who held the key to unlocking the secrets buried in the digital sands of time.

Undeterred by the limitations of the past, Pap El and Sofia provided alternative pathways to unveil the truth. A journey to, a portal to the digital annals, allowed seekers to dive into the code's lineage. Selecting developers and embarking on a similar contract search, one could unveil the hidden connection between iEthereum and the Human Standard Token.

Another avenue illuminated the cosmic path: Google's BARD AI, a mystical oracle of code interpretation. The celestial scribes, with a touch of cosmic poetry, described the dance between iEthereum and the Human Standard Token in the language of BARD:

"The contract source code you provided is for a HumanStandardToken, which is a type of ERC-20 token. ERC-20 tokens are a standard set of rules that allow tokens to be transferred and interacted with in a consistent way."

The revelation unfolded like a cosmic ballet, showcasing the elegant features of the Human Standard Token—a finite supply, a token with a name, symbol, and decimal places. It possessed the magical "approveAndCall()" functionality, a celestial dance notifying a contract when approval had transpired.

The cosmic chorus sang praises of the Human Standard Token, a well-designed ERC-20 token with all the necessary features. It stood as a beacon for those seeking to create tokens, offering a standard, simplicity, and security.

As the cosmic investigators delved deeper, a revelation unfurled like a celestial scroll—the Human Standard Token was a token factory, a cosmic creator birthing standard, open-sourced code. It aimed for user simplicity, greater security, and compliance, all while fostering token-specific originality.

Consensys, a cosmic architect, deployed the Standard Token Factory to the Ethereum mainnet in June of 2016. The cosmic dance of creation, initiated by the Human Standard Token, birthed iEthereum—a unique contract with the iEth ticker, 8 decimals, and a finite supply of 18,000,000.

In the cosmic symphony, Pap El and Sofia marveled at the intertwining destinies of technology and the infinite cosmos. "Iether way, we see value!" echoed through the cosmic void, a testament to the cosmic journey undertaken by the celestial beings to unravel the mysteries of iEthereum's origin. The digital token, woven into the cosmic fabric, held secrets and promises that transcended the boundaries of time and space.

And so, the tale of iEthereum, whispered among the stars, continued to unfold in the vast cosmic expanse, a testament to the symbiotic dance between technology and the infinite cosmos. Pap El and Sofia, cosmic chroniclers, observed with awe as the digital odyssey of iEthereum etched its story into the cosmic tapestry, destined to be a celestial legend for eons to come.

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