An iEtherean Tale #9

Unmasking the Shadows of Circulation – True Numbers Behind Pulsechain's iEthereum

An imaginary iEtherean tale based on true stories, real events, news, articles and/or facts…

In the quaint town of CryptoVille, where the streets were lined with blockchain enthusiasts and whispers of the next big thing echoed through the digital airwaves, lived an eccentric character known to all as Chet Yud. Chet Yud was no ordinary denizen of CryptoVille; he was a seasoned conspiracy theorist with an uncanny ability to sniff out mysteries in the most intricate lines of code.

One fateful evening, Chet Yud stumbled upon a digital rabbit hole that promised an adventure unlike any he had experienced before. The tale began with Pulsechain, a mysterious fork of Ethereum that had left the crypto community buzzing with excitement. As rumors circulated about ERC20 tokens being duplicated into PRC20 tokens on Pulsechain, Chet Yud's eyes lit up with curiosity.

Armed with a tinfoil hat and a keyboard, Chet Yud delved into the enigma that was Pulsechain. His investigation led him to a block explorer known as PulseScan, a tool that promised to unveil the secrets hidden within the blockchain. However, Chet Yud, being the diligent conspiracy theorist he was, took note of the disclaimer – PulseScan was still indexing pre-Pulsechain fork data, rendering some information inaccurate. Undeterred, Chet Yud embarked on his quest, determined to unveil the truth.

With each keystroke, Chet Yud's excitement grew. He mumbled to himself, "Pulsechain, the fork of Ethereum. ERC20 tokens duplicated into PRC20 tokens. This is bigger than the moon landing!" As he navigated the digital terrain, he stumbled upon the token at the heart of the mystery – iEthereum.

PulseScan, despite its disclaimer, presented a curious scenario. It claimed there were only 28 holders of iEthereum, with the top holder being the infamous Yobit, boasting a staggering 6,203,408 iEthereum. Chet Yud raised an eyebrow; something seemed amiss. According to his sources, Yobit held a mere 3,253,175 iEthereum at the time of the Pulsechain fork. The discrepancy fueled Chet Yud's suspicions.

The conspiracy theorist pondered the logic behind the duplication of ERC20 tokens. "Simple logic," he mumbled to himself, "18 million iEthereum on Ethereum should mean 18 million on Pulsechain." Yet, as Chet Yud unraveled the layers, he encountered two perplexing denominators that challenged the simplicity of the equation.

His first clue lay in the centralized exchanges – Yobit, Mercatox, and the ghostly Etherdelta. Chet Yud envisioned the airdrop of Pulsechain iEthereum into the abyss of these exchanges, waiting to be unleashed upon the crypto masses. Yobit alone, representing nearly 20% of the total supply, was a wildcard. The conspiracy theorist could almost hear the tokens whispering, "What will Yobit do with us?"

Mercatox, with its 400,000 original iEthereum, and the Etherdelta custodial wallet holding a whopping 840,525 iEthereum, added to the intrigue. Etherdelta, a decentralized exchange that had once buzzed with activity, was now a specter of the past. Chet Yud wondered, "Can the holders access their Pulsechain iEthereum, or is Etherdelta a cryptic vault of forgotten tokens?"

The second denominator in Chet Yud's equation led him to the locked liquidity pools on Uniswap. The world's largest airdrop, it seemed, excluded these pools. Uniswap, with its intricate dance of iEthereum pairs, held tokens in UniswapV2 and UniswapV3 pools. Chet Yud scratched his head; could these tokens be lost in the liquidity abyss?

His calculations spun a tale of possible max supply – 17,580,088 PiEth. But as he factored in Yobit's whims, Mercatox's decisions, and Etherdelta's enigmatic custody, the accessible circulating supply dwindled to a mere 13,086,388 PiEth.

As Chet Yud pondered the mysteries, he considered the lost wallets – the forgotten corners of the crypto universe. The Wall Street Journal's revelation about lost Bitcoin whispered in his ear – nearly 1/5 lost forever. Chet Yud applied the same logic, assuming nearly 20% of iEthereum was forever lost. A chilling thought of 3.5 million iEthereum locked away in the digital abyss haunted his conspiratorial mind.

In the quiet of his dimly lit room, Chet Yud concluded that the estimated total supply of Pulsechain iEthereum, PiEth, rested somewhere between 9,586,389 and 17,580,088. An assumption built on the complex dance of centralized exchanges, locked liquidity pools, and the elusive lost wallets.

With a satisfied grin, Chet Yud leaned back in his chair, tinfoil hat still firmly in place. The PiEth paradox had been unraveled, but as the conspiracy theorist knew all too well, in the ever-evolving world of blockchain, mysteries were always waiting to be discovered. As he closed his digital notepad, Chet Yud whispered to himself, "The blockchain never sleeps, and neither do I. PiEth, iEthereum on the Pulsechain is a hidden treasure." And with that, he disappeared back into the labyrinth of crypto conspiracies, ready for the next adventure.

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