Does iEthereum do any Daily Volume?

A Closer Look at the iEthereum Transaction Activity

Most people have not heard of iEthereum!

When did you hear of Bitcoin first?

Can you expect much trade or transfer volume of a cryptocurrency if 99.9% of the crypto market has not heard of it before? Or… if they choose to ignore it!

What about if they do not know where to buy or sell it from?

Would you accept iEthereum as a form of payment if you did not know what it is or how to use it or where you could spend it?

Traders hate what I am about to say. But, the reality is this…

When was the BEST time to get involved in Bitcoin? Here is a clue. It was not yesterday, not today, and not tomorrow. The answer is, in late 2009-2014.

That was when nobody had heard of Bitcoin. That was when Bitcoin was on limited exchanges. That was when BTC daily trading volume was considered low. That was when BTC liquidity was low. That was when most everybody thought BTC was a scam if they had heard of it.

I use the term “nobody” and “everybody” loosely. Obviously there was a market for Bitcoin at that time that included a small percentage of population across the globe. That is why BTC has grown to be a global phenomenon and still the #1 cryptocurrency with a market cap of $712.287 billion dollars as of the time of this writing.

So lets take a look at iEthereum transaction activity while “nobody” has heard of this crypto that ranks #7623. Just a little bit down the ranks.

Today marks day #2279 from the iEthereum genesis date of 10/14/2017. iEthereum has recorded 32,534 transactions on the transparent distributed ledger technology. That is an average of 14.27 transactions per day. This only includes transactions taking place on the Ethereum network itself and not any of the transactions taking place on the centralized exchanges such as Yobit. Or for that matter, the transactions of iEthereum on different chains; ie Pulsechain, Ethereum POW and Ethereum Fair. We will cover these transactions in other future articles.

The current 14 transactions per day is a long way from a seasoned Bitcoin daily transaction volume of 583,201 give or take.

But, lets remember, we are talking about the opportunity that exists. We are not comparing the current market’s “perceived” value between Bitcoin and iEthereum. That would be like comparing boxers Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou pre fight on October 24, 2023. Heavy weight boxing champion verses a rookie. Obviously, Fury wins.

However, bring both into the ring under the spotlights and let them battle it out. The outcome may paint a different picture.

When that day comes, we will compare the intrinsic value of Bitcoin and iEthereum. I personally believe that each brings their own value proposition to the table. And both deserve the respect.

To check iEthereum transaction volume and specifics there are two main sites; and Both these links will take you directly to the iEthereum pages; however, if you go directly to Etherscan or Ethplorer; please remember to copy the contract 0x859a9C0b44cb7066D956a958B0b82e54C9e44b4B. We want to remind the readers of this because there seems to be a possible “deep fake” contract released into the Ethereum network wild. We touch on this “alluring” activity on several articles already published as well as future articles that are scheduled to be released. We hope this activity is just being mysterious until public release verses being an all out criminal fraud. We do not know the intent. We hope for the best for the totality of the iEthereum ecosystem. Even if that includes another token outside of the original code.

Everyday iEthereum is being traded, transferred, swapped, bought, and sold. Liquidity is being deposited and withdrawn. With over 30,000 transactions; the iEthereum distributed ledger reflects that people and/or institutions are active and therefore; iEthereum is providing value. Whether the market realizes this or not, is a different question.

iEther way, We see value!

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Note: We are not the founders. iEthereum is a 2017 MIT Open Source Licensed Project. We are simply talking about this project that nobody else is while it is publicly listed on several coin indexes.




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