iEthereum for Pennies

Lions and tigers oh my. iEthereum for a penny.

Lions and tigers oh my. iEthereum for a penny. The latest transaction on reflects a purchase price of $0.012 for an iEthereum token that has a total capped circulating supply of 18 million tokens and in which the token also contains the Apple logo and the Ethereum logo all in one. How could you go wrong with a $100 purchase?

Lol, this is a sarcastic question… everyone reading this should know this might not be what it appears to be. We are playing the field.

I keep attempting to write this article, yet the title quickly becomes click bait as iEthereum for a penny does not stick around very long as a realistic shopping experience.

In my opinion, it is almost too good to be true, yet we continue to get windows of opportunity to buy at these prices.

Much of this opportunity is from iEthereum being a low volume token at the moment. Its asking price is most often reflected in a BTC/iEth or ETH/iEth trading pair reflected price. Then sites like CoinMarketCap convert the BTC or ETH price into a Dollar price for user readability and understanding.

For instance, the current asking price of 1 iEthereum is 0.00000052 BTC on Yobit. That iEthereum sits there waiting to be sold as there is a low daily volume amount of trade. And if in that time, the BTC price falls from $30,000 down to $25,000 on the real time markets; the asking price of an iEthereum token stays the same at 0.00000052 BTC.

As a trader or investor looking at CoinMarketCap in United States Dollar (USD) you see the price of iEthereum going up or down. The asking price of 0.00000052 BTC per iEthereum remains the same. 0.00000052 of a BTC at $30,000 is a USD price of $0.0156. While the iEthereum asking price of 0.00000052 of a BTC at $25,000 is a USD price of $0.013.

This is how traders get wrecked. If they price in dollars, their new entry prices might get them less Ethereum or BTC with their USD profits from previous trades.

This is also an example as to why you see the iEthereum USD price currently jumping between $0.01 and $0.05 per token on the charts. See image below. This is not caused by volume in this particular case. It is caused by the volume derived price of Ethereum and/or BTC, and then reflected in USD on CoinMarketCap.

CoinMarketCap iEth Screenshot

Regardless if iEthereum is $0.01 or $0.05 at this present time, we consider this to be a very good deal. Not financial advice.

From the perspective of the iEthereum Advocacy Trust; this price point will put you into a category that very few people will get to experience. Via this article, this community gets to document what we consider will be a historical moment in time.

At time of this writing on Yobit, you can pick up 53 iEthereum for $0.0167 cents per. For $168, or 0.1027 Ethereum, you can purchase 5216.71 iEthereum. That is an average of $0.032 cents for iEthereum.

These price opportunity windows do exist. They come and go. However, in the big picture, these prices wont last forever. Get them while you can.

Ask yourself if you have wasted more than $168 on anything in your current life that matches the upside potential of such a coin. It is either an Apple open source product or it is not. If it is, your newly purchased 5216 iEthereum for $168 is now worth millions in financial, investment, utility and convenience value. Or its worth $0 as a worst case scenario?

Dollars to the upside, pennies to the downside risk.

iEther way, We see value!

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Note: We are not the founders. iEthereum is a 2017 MIT Open Source Licensed Project. We are simply talking about this project that nobody else is while it is publicly listed on several coin indexes.

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