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The Internet's Price Predictions for iEthereum

iEthereum will reach $0.15 in 2024

We are not providing the following price predictions for iEthereum as a matter of fact. The truth is we have no idea what will come of this alluring ERC20 token called iEthereum in regards to price.

With that said, we do discuss fundamentals and we try to highlight advantages, use cases, benefits and practicality . Additionally, we see a lot of desirability and we do believe that iEthereum is currently undervalued based on many merits, including Metcalfe’s Law on the iEthereum network valuation.

We decided to have fun with this article. We have compiled price predictions from URL websites that use AI to auto-populate annual price predictions for various cryptocurrencies, including iEthereum.

Read to the end for my own price prediction for iEthereum in 2024.

IMPORTANT NOTE: None of the following is financial advise!

Digital Coin Price predicts iEthereum will reach $0.17 cents by the end of 2024. That is an increase of 183.3% by the end of the coming next year. Their prediction model has a modest annual increase year over year. iEthereum in 2032 is estimated to reach a price of $1.29.

For your reference; the current Metcalfe fundamental valuation for iEthereum is $1.127 based on 4504 wallet holders and a finite supply of 18 million iEthereum tokens.

Gov Capital uses a custom algorithm based on “deep learning.” Their 1 year forecast for iEthereum at the time of this writing is $0.11. That is a 69% increase of your portfolio over the next year. And a $0.15 cent best possible price prediction by the end of 2024. Their 5 year forecast is a price of somewhere between $0.42 and $0.49 per iEthereum. A 7 or 8x isn’t quite a Grant Cardone 10x, but they are numbers that may fancy certain investors.

AMB Crypto uses an AI bot that analyzes historical price action, current developments and social sentiment. With iEthereum being a low volume crypto; I am not getting my hopes up with this forecast. AMB is currently recognizing the price of iEthereum at being $0.015 cents verses the actual $0.08 cents. It has a price forecast at the end of 2024 being $0.035 and a 10 year prediction at the end of 2033 being $0.038. Depending on how you look at this analysis, either iEthereum is expected to increase 100% over the next 10 years or it remains a stable coin. Which is interesting. With these prices over the past couple of years, I have used iEthereum as a stable coin. A token that is almost impossible to go down due to the low circulating supply with huge upside potential.

BitScreener uses a similar AI analysis as AMB Crypto using past price behavior, current events and public opinion. By the end of 2024, iEthereum is forecasted as reaching $0.15. By the end of 2028 they predict $0.16 and by the end of 2035, they are suggesting price of $0.24. Their model also extends all the way to 2050 with a whopping price prediction of $0.27. We are pretty sure that most investors entering the crypto space are not interested in a 400% price increase over the next 27 years. However, to more realistic investors, this play may be a solid position in diversifying your portfolio.

Wallet Investor looks to use traditional chart analysis AI with a premium paid service. In their free section of the analysis of iEthereum it looks like an end of 2023 price prediction could hit $0.11. That is about a 90% price increase from the current price. However, their 1 year forecast highlights that a 1 year investment is a “bad” investment with a price crash to $0.03.

Bitgur uses an AI price prediction model based on hi-resolution deal analysis from cryptocurrency exchanges. Their model looks to only go out 30 days and has a concern of the iEthereum price dropping to $0.015.

Our own opinion for a price forecast for iEthereum is relative to the Metcalfe Law of Network Valuation equation. We believe this is a realistic fundamental price forecasting tool. It is at least a good starting point for mutual understanding of a price debate. With this analysis, iEthereum will realize a $1.13 as a fundamental valuation.

We do not know when this price will be realized. However, we believe that 2024 is a big year for cryptocurrencies and the inflation the world will be experiencing in the traditional fiat currency system. The need for alternatives and solutions will grow.

We are also on record that iEthereum will blow by the $1, $5, $10, and $100 range when the time is right, in our speculative opinion. This will depend on when the constraining manipulation is slowed and public adoption is ready. We cannot predict this timeframe. To wrap your mind around this thought and how it can happen. Think about a $1 price actualizing an $18 million dollar market cap.

How many more financial institutions take an $18 million dollar market cap more seriously than the current $450K-$1.4 million dollar market cap?

How about a $10 iEthereum price making it a $180 million dollar market cap?

The more this grows, the fire will get out of control. This is our prediction.

The current prices of +-$0.02- $0.08 are virtually impossible to buy in quantity. These prices most definitely cause confusion in the market place. Including the above AI price predictive models. CoinGecko continues to highlight an incorrect iEthereum that is propagated through various coin market cap indexes that use their APIs. CoinMarketCap itself does not include Uniswap exchange information which has larger daily volume than Yobit on a daily average. We will continue to dive into the price manipulation and expose the tricks these players are using to confuscate the real value of iEthereum from those interested in adopting. Until then buy and hold. Buy and develop. Buy and Build. Buy and speak about.

iEther way, we see value!

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