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iEthereum Advocacy Trust Open Letter to Julian Assange

iEther Wants Free Speech

Dear Supporters of iEthereum, Free Speech and Advocates for Justice,

In a world where principles seem to waver and justice often feels elusive, it is imperative that we stand together in support of what is right, what is just, and what is noble. It is with this steadfast belief in the foundational principles of free speech, immutability, transparency, censorship resistance, and open source that the iEthereum Advocacy Trust proudly lends its unwavering support to Julian Assange.

Julian Assange has been fighting for more than a decade to avoid extradition to the United States to face charges for his WikiLeak organization’s publishing of classified information. The humane side of the story is that he published reports of investigative journalism shining light on government corruption and crimes against humanity. This is protected free speech. Let us not forget that he has not been allowed a speedy trial and he has not been presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law which he is allowed under international common law and the United States constitution. Presumption of innocence is a human right. A few days ago, Julian Assange staved off extradition to the U.S one more time yet still sits in a UK prison.

Julian Assange, an individual who has exemplified the courage to speak truth to power, to uncover corruption, and to challenge the status quo, stands as a beacon of hope in our tumultuous times. His unwavering commitment to speaking truth to power and the pursuit of justice has led to sacrifices most of us cannot even fathom. Yet, despite the risks and personal hardships, Julian Assange has remained resolute in his mission for the betterment of humanity.

It is a travesty that in today's world, journalists who dare to shine a light on corruption and injustice are met with persecution rather than praise. The incarceration of Julian Assange is not just an injustice against him as an individual, but it is also a stark indictment of the political structures that seek to silence dissent and cover up their own crimes.

The iEthereum Advocacy Trust firmly stands behind the call for Julian Assange's freedom and exoneration. We echo the sentiment that justice must not only be served in his individual case but also in holding accountable those whom he exposed for their egregious acts against humanity.

In our weekly articles discussing the principles underlying iEthereum, we are reminded of the profound responsibility we bear in advocating for a world where truth, immutability, censorship resistance, transparency, and freedom of speech are upheld. For what good is a cryptocurrency if it thrives in a world where injustice reigns unchecked? The world of cryptocurrencies and blockchains will either free us or enslave us. Its a choice. For I choose freedom.

We reject the notion that financial gains or personal interests should ever take precedence over the pursuit of justice and the defense of human rights. Our commitment lies not in the accumulation of wealth or bragging rights, but in the advancement of causes that transcend monetary value—causes that demand our solidarity, our action, and our unwavering support.

Today, as headlines announce Julian Assange's extradition waiver to the United States, we are reminded of the urgency of our cause. Julian Assange deserves to live out his life in peace, free from persecution and with the justice he so rightly deserves.

The iEthereum Advocacy Trust envisions a future where free speech, immutability, censorship resistance, transparency, and open source principles flourish. We believe that by standing united in our support for causes such as these; like Julian Assange's right to free speech, truth will always prevail, and justice will ultimately be served.

In solidarity and determination,

Knive Spiel, founder of the iEthereum Advocacy Trust concept

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