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June 2024 iEthereum Digital Commodity Index Report

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Executive Summary: June 2024 iEthereum Digital Commodity Index Report

We are happy to present our 2nd sequential monthly report. We have made many improvements with many more to come. You can read about the many changes and focuses to this report in a recent press release article here. As promised this June 2024 iEthereum Digital Commodity Index Report is being published on our regularly scheduled weekly Wednesday slot.


We promised that we would continue to increase the quality of our monthly reports and the value that we bring to the iEthereum community with every subsequent months to come. In this monthly report, we delve into the various facets of the iEthereum ecosystem, providing a comprehensive overview of its performance and trends. Our objective is to present a clear and insightful analysis that highlights the significance of iEthereum in the current market landscape. This 8 page report is structured into several key sections, each focusing on different aspects of iEthereum, including pricing, holdings, volume and transactions, liquidity and markets, valuations, and sentiment.

This particular month for iEthereum was underwhelming in terms of previous months stats and generalized data. This is to be expected with an unknown crypto such as iEthereum. My optimism is that we saw an increase in token holders and transfers. Everything else will follow. If all metrics were good, we wouldn’t be able to purchase iEthereum for pennies on the dollar. Additionally, our intention of these reports is to begin positioning ourselves to be able to document the data routinely so we are properly positioned to identify the data when it begins to turn advantageous in the markets favor. This is the value.

Please enjoy the executive summary below. The complete report can be downloaded here or at the end.

June2024 iEthereum Digital Commodity Index Report.pdf1.43 MB • PDF File

iEthereum Pricing

During the current reporting period, the average iEthereum USD$ price exhibited notable trends. If you watch CoinMarketCap.com or CoinGecko.com, you will get a headache watching the price fluctuate between $0.02 and $0.12. If you are smart and able, one would be able to arbitrage this opportunity such as those bots that currently do take advantage of this scenario. I have a couple of theories on why this takes place. I have been asked to write an article on this topic. This article is on my to do list.

This section has expanded to not only inlcude the iEthereum USD$ price, but also the price of iEthereum valued in Ethereum, Gold, and Hex terms. All of which saw a decrease in price terms over this month.

The total iEthereum market capitalization is examined from four perspectives: in USD$ value, ETH value, Gold value, and Hex value. Understanding the market cap in these terms provides a holistic view of iEthereum's market position and its comparative standing within the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.

iEthereum Holdings

An in-depth analysis of iEthereum holdings reveals key insights into investor behavior and distribution patterns. The median iEthereum holdings reflect the typical amount held by investors, while the standard deviation of holdings measures the variability and dispersion among different investors.

To assess inequality within the iEthereum market, we employ several analytical tools:

  • The Gini Coefficient Analysis evaluates the overall inequality in iEthereum distribution.

  • The Nakamoto Coefficient Analysis examines the concentration of blockchain control, providing insights into decentralization.

  • The Theil Index Analysis measures economic inequality, highlighting disparities within the market.

Additionally, we present the average iEthereum holdings, offering a summary of the typical holdings across all investors. iEthereum holders increased over the course of June by 0.33%.

iEthereum Volume and Transactions

This section covers the transactional dynamics within the iEthereum network. We analyze the average daily USD$ transaction volume, which reflects the daily trading activity measured in USD. Complementing this, the average USD$ transaction value shows the average worth of each transaction.

The average daily iEthereum volume and the average iEthereum volume per transaction provide insights into the trading volume and the typical transaction size in terms of iEthereum. We have also included these stats in Ethereum terms as well.

To offer a comprehensive view of transaction activity, we include the total iEthereum transactions to date and highlight notable iEthereum transactions over the current reporting period. These notable transactions can indicate significant market movements or shifts in investor behavior.

We also detail the iEthereum transaction quantity over the current reporting period and the iEthereum transactions by total dollar value during this time. Lastly, the iEthereum transactions by volume gives a snapshot of the total traded volume over the period.

iEthereum Liquidity and Markets

Understanding the liquidity and market dynamics of iEthereum is crucial for assessing its trading environment. We provide an overview of the iEthereum markets and exchanges with current pairings, highlighting where iEthereum is actively traded and the diversity of its market presence. iEthereum is not very appetizing to serious advanced large volume or high speed trading at this point in time. Liquidity and volume is low. If you are interested in trading iEthereum, I would suggest taking a look at a bot or an arbitrage strategy.

The iEthereum exchange holdings percentage versus total supply examines the proportion of iEthereum held on exchanges, which can influence liquidity and price stability. Additionally, the top 100 iEthereum holders distribution offers insights into the concentration of holdings among the largest investors.

iEthereum Valuations

Valuation models are critical for understanding the potential and intrinsic value of iEthereum. We apply several methodologies to assess its valuation:

  • The Metcalfe Law Valuation Formula is applied to iEthereum, leveraging network value principles.

  • The Raoul Pal Methodology for Cryptocurrency Valuation provides another perspective, using specific cryptocurrency valuation techniques.

  • The iEthereum User Growth Adoption USD$ Valuation Model estimates value based on user growth and adoption metrics.

  • The iEthereum Supply Demand Model determines the market value or price of a good, service, or asset based on the interaction of supply and demand

iEthereum Sentiment

Sentiment analysis provides a qualitative view of the market perception and geographic trends related to iEthereum. Using proprietary intelligence for recording iEthereum geographic sentiment, we analyze sentiment trends across different regions, offering a nuanced understanding of market sentiment.

This month, we added an active user from the geographic region of Lebanon; which brings our country list of readers to 68.


In summary, the following downloadable pdf report highlights key findings and significant data points from the current reporting period. The insights provided herein aim to inform investors and stakeholders about the performance and trends within the iEthereum ecosystem.

For further inquiries and feedback, please contact us through the provided channels. Your insights and engagement are invaluable as we continue to monitor and analyze the dynamic iEthereum market.

June2024 iEthereum Digital Commodity Index Report.pdf1.43 MB • PDF File

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