Shopping iEthereum on Uniswap

The greatest speculative buy is happening now. Very little risk with huge potential. The deal of a century! An opportunity of a lifetime.

The greatest speculative buy is happening now. Very little risk with huge potential. The deal of a century! An opportunity of a lifetime.

Just pennies to the downside and dollars to the upside risk reward ratio.

The iEthereum dream… Pinch me!

Back to reality. At this moment in time; for $100 you can pick up 5,461 iEthereum, give or take, on Uniswap. Thats roughly $0.017 cents. If you are somebody that has more to gain than to lose; this most likely is your cup of tea.

As with any low volume coin, slippage can be a problem on Uniswap with larger purchase volumes. What should you expect for a coin that only has an 18 million token circulating supply and hasn't yet seen its light of day? With that said, for $1000, on Uniswap, you can pick up +-40,000 with slippage. That is an average sell price of $0.02 while supplies last. That is only a 17% increase in asking price with a ten fold capital purchase. Not bad.

At the time of this writing, Uniswap holds +- 364,076 iEthereum tokens with 3 different trading pairs.

  1. iEthereum / Ethereum,

  2. iEthereum / Paxos Gold

  3. iEthereum / Hex

The Uniswap iEthereum liquidity pools totaling 364,076 tokens represent 2% of the total supply of iEth tokens. According to, liquidity pools total +- $11,000 with what looks to be 24 faithful long term liquidity providers. Monthly trade volumes rival the centralized Yobit exchange reported volume.

I get it. As traders, you look at volume and stick your nose in the air. This is a speculative long term hold purchase. One in which provides an opportunity for everybody regardless of your budget. Insanely cheap prices at the moment for a chance at excellence. Think different.

You can buy from Yobit, a centralized exchange and #1 largest wallet holder of iEthereum. You can sometimes get better prices there.

Or you can purchase from Uniswap.

  1. Go to On the upper right corner, click connect. Prior to this step, You will need

  • Ethereum, Paxos Gold or Hex to convert into iEthereum

  • Metamask, browser extension downloaded on your chrome, firefox or brave browser

  • You need to deposit your Ethereum, PAXG, or Hex into your Metamask wallet

2. Open a new tab. Go to This link takes you directly to the iEthereum token page. However, it you just go to homepage and search iEthereum; you will find.

3. Copy the iEthereum token contract from the page. The contract is 0x859a9C0b44cb7066D956a958B0b82e54C9e44b4B

4. Go back to Uniswap. Set up your trading pairs via the drop down menus. One of the token windows should be populated with your purchasing token; ie Ethereum, Paxos Gold, or Hex. The other drop down window pair will be your iEthereum. You must copy and paste the iEthereum contract into the token search bar.

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