Weird iEthereum Wallet Transactions

Unusual Activity in iEthereum Wallet: A Closer Look

Wow, I just started the investigation and there is a lot to unpack here. I went down a rabbit hole that took me down another path and that path rejoined the original path.

I love when odd things take place on the iEthereum ledger that are either news worthy or an opportunity to learn something.

This is one of those cases that I believe, from a bystanders perspective, that is both interesting and educational.

Lets examine.

Let us observe and learn together.

I woke up this morning, brewed my coffee and opened the newsletter dashboard to begin writing my weekly article. I was in default mode to write another standard, yet needs to be written, article that would be scheduled to be published down the road. Another “how to” type article to be specific.

Yet, as I sipped my coffee I decided to begin my work by reviewing the iEthereum ledger on Etherscan to see and observe any activity that has recently taken place.

Low and behold, I noticed some activity that needs to be reported on that allows me to shelve the important, but monotonous, how to article for another day.

iEthereum, being a less known cryptocurrency, doesn’t have a lot of news. When it comes available, I try to make it a priority to fit into an expedited schedule for publishing. This allows the newsletter to stay relevant with information happening in more real time. Its tough as I am trying to catch up with interesting articles about iEthereum that should have been written years ago when the project was released into the wild. Lots of catch up being played.

In an earlier article, 179,552 iEthereum purchased off Uniswap, we highlighted a specific wallet that we wanted to keep an eye on for activity. And today we have information to report.

At this time, we consider this public knowledge as it is on the public distributed ledger. If you are the wallet holder and would like to clarify or verify this information, on or off record… our email is provided below. I am not trying to make enemies in the space. I am writing about all things iEthereum and myself and the readers find this activity interesting. My hope is that you see that I am attempting to make our iEthereum investment more valuable. I am trying to educate myself as well as readers on iEthereum and the great iEthereum distributed ledger technology. This transparency is a value proposition.

We are confident in our assumptions this particular wallet, whether it be an individual or an institution, is not a beginner and has a certain level of expertise and prowess in their Ethereum network knowledge and work.

The wallet that we will be discussing at great length today, “0xc8E32242bF2Ee97FE345200F22dF88a9f6140c8B” is none other than the wallet we have placed on our watchlist and written about previously.

Why would this wallet perform nine transactions over the past few weeks that don’t make any sense from an observers point of view?

Who would send these iEthereum?

How much Ethereum gas did this wallet spend on these iEthereum transactions?

What is the point of sending these iEthereum?

Where did these iEthereum go?

All good questions. Lets go down the rabbit hole.

Where do I begin?

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