Why iEthereum?

iEthereum brings attention and awareness to this shared 1st principle of crypto philosophy

The launch of the iEthereum Advocacy Trust is with the belief in the underlying technology of most cryptocurrencies that are immutable and censorship resistant as a solution to the post petro dollar global reserve currency paradigm. iEthereum brings attention and awareness to this shared 1st principle of crypto philosophy.

Besides being immutable and censorship resistant; iEthereum is an ERC20 token, therefore more secure than alternate untested independent blockchains, as it resides on the Ethereum blockchain.

If immutability, censorship resistant and security are not your cup of tea…….perhaps a maximum finite supply of 18 million tokens and what looks like the most fair token distribution in crypto history to date is?  Highlighting their whitepaper, the iEthereum deployer address airdropped +-99% into the market for people who signed up.   We will dive into this speculation on another blog in the future to corroborate this statement as fact or fiction.

However, without getting into the technical weeds to much for this initial blog post, we can confirm 2500 tokens were distributed via the iEthereum deployer to thousands of individual wallets.  Currently, distribution of tokens seems fairly allocated throughout the market. Presently, the largest wallet contains 3.5 million tokens, roughly 20% +- on Yobit, a centralized exchange in which everyone has had fair access to buy or sell at the going market rate for the past several years.  In addition, iEthereum trades on several markets, both centralized and decentralized exchanges where you can buy these rare tokens for pennies on the dollar compared to the long term valuation of such technology.

With that said, this is not financial advice.  However, if you believe in the power of blockchain technology and enjoy the scarcity of various digital assets, iEthereum is a crypto project worth looking into.  

If you like hope and speculation this coin has even more to offer. I don't want to mention specifics and ruin the mystery but take a look at the logo.  Tell me what you see.  This coin fairly and discreetly launched on October 14, 2017 when all eyes were on the start of the Bitcoin FOMO bullrun.  iEthereum launched without hype or fanfare and yet still resides published on websites without trouble.  Why is no crypto influencer speaking about this coin, whether fraud or favor for the past 6 years?  

Regardless of the logo of iEthereum, this token is undervalued compared to the capability, scarcity, security, fair distribution and no tailwind risk of an early ICO offering.

I am not an iEthereum developer, nor am I affiliated with the project or team in any manner. In my eyes this is an open source project that doesn't need centralized authority to govern and dictate.  It does need attention and it does need development.  This is where the iEthereum Advocacy Trust, concept was born.

We look forward to diving into the above information and much more in future blogs!

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Note: We are not the founders. iEthereum is a 2017 MIT Open Source Licensed Project. We are simply talking about this project that nobody else is while it is publicly listed on several coin indexes.

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