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How to Buy iEthereum in the Pulsechain Ecosystem

Directions for buying PiEth

If you like Ethereum.

Then the Pulsechain network will appeal!

There is no reason why you will not like Pulsechain. Pulsechain is literally a copied fork of Ethereum.

We do not claim that Pulsechain is an “Ethereum Killer.” We do like Ethereum and we see the long term value of the Ethereum Network. We don’t see the future of crypto as one winner fits all scenario. Cryptocurrencies and Crypto-tokens are software code. The future will use the best code or most practical code for individual interests or purposes. Pulsechain is cheaper and faster than Ethereum with a growing die hard loyal community.

This is why we are writing this article on how to buy iEthereum on the Pulsechain Network. We see value in iEthereum as well as the Pulsechain Network. This is a recipe for PiEth, Pulsechain iEthereum.

In order to buy iEthereum on the Pulsechain Network; you must first have a Pulsechain network asset that is traded as an iEthereum pair. For this article we will be highlighting how to buy PiEth with the Pulsechain (PLS) token itself.

How do I buy PiEth?

Step #1- Set-Up Pulsechain network on Metamask. Make sure your preferred EVM compatible interface such as Metamask is setup to interact with the Pulsechain Network. This is handled in the upper left corner of your Metamask account drop down network menu. Select Pulsechain. If you do not have this set up yet, select “add network,” and input the necessary Pulsechain parameters. Those parameters can be found in a previous written article, “What to Do to Receive Your Free Pulsechain iEthereum.

Step #2- Swap Ethereum for Pulsechain (PLS). You can do this on a number of centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges and/or atomic swap sites. This is a decision up to you and your preferred comfort level. I currently prefer atomic swap sites such as ChangeNow and/or Simpleswap for this particlular transaction. These sites are very easy and do not require a lot of set up if any. Just follow the directions. You will be asked for an originating source asset such as the Ethereum, BTC or a number of other options. The second drop down menu you will input Pulsechain. Your destination Pulsechain address is the same as the Ethereum address you are operating under in your Metamask (or other preferred) account. To see your new Pulsechain asset in your Metamask wallet, you must have the Pulsechain network selected in your Metamask.

Step #3- Find and go to a Pulsechain/iEthereum Market. Now that you have the Pulsechain network set-up and you have some Pulsechain crypto in your wallet; you are now ready to buy some iEthereum on Pulsechain. There are many markets coming online for the Pulsechain ecosystem. The main decentralized exchange for the Pulsechain Network is Richard Heart’s own creation Pulsex. Pulsex is a copy of Uniswap and is very easy to use. Navigate to this url https://app.pulsex.com/swap.

Step #4- Connect your Metamask wallet to Pulsex. If you are familiar with Uniswap, navigating Pulsex will be instinctual. Very similar to many decentralized exchanges and atomic swap sites. You will be presented with two drop down options front and center of the site. It is very straightforward; Swap asset (A) for asset (B). In this case; you will input Pulsechain (PLS) and iEthereum. Because iEthereum is considered a low volume asset; you will need to input the iEthereum contact 0x859a9C0b44cb7066D956a958B0b82e54C9e44b4B. This will auto populate iEthereum into the option box.

Step #5- Disconnect your Metamask wallet from Pulsex. After you confirm the swap is complete, always disconnect your wallet(s) that you use to navigate the decentralized exchanges when your done. This should be a disciplined personal standard operating procedure you implement in the crypto verse.

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Note: We are not the founders. iEthereum is a 2017 MIT Open Source Licensed Project. We are simply talking about this project that nobody else is while it is publicly listed on several coin indexes.

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