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iFi have 250,000 iEthereum

Firstly, welcome Beth.

Secondly, I would like to remind everyone that we are not the founders of iEthereum and thus our knowledge regarding the iEthereum project doesn’t necessarily expand beyond our articles. Furthermore, we have zero responsibility in providing any personal financial advice regarding the iEthereum ecosystem. We are not financial advisors.

The question and comment read as follows.

Beth will have her questions answered by the end of this article. I hope not to offend in my reply as I believe all questions are good questions, but I will be a little blunt because I have a suspicion this question is intended to be a distraction to the topic of the article in which it was posted. iEthereum is a Human Standard Token. I will detail this logic while answering the questions below. This is not intended to be mean or rude; yet just a means of setting precedence on how I will budget my time as well as a personal learning experience to better manage the platform moving into the future.

So thank you Beth. I do love talking about iEthereum. And I appreciate your questions and concerns. And because of that, you have come to the right place to have answered. Keep the questions coming.

With that said, please keep comments relative to the topic in which the article covers. I welcome all comments and questions. I prefer readers and subscribers to post these comments and questions in their appropriate place on a specific article so we can keep conversations organized, focused and contained. I have numerous articles regarding your specific questions at least in part.

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Furthermore, our paid sponsorship gives you direct access to me and the organization via a telegram group for iEthereum assistance and related conversations. This is a perfect example of the value the paid sponsorship provides. You receive dedicated time, service and comradery.

Now circling back to your question and my concern. We are under attack with many constraining elements in our journey. I include YOU in the “our journey” if you are a holder of iEthereum. Not only do we deal with the interference being run on the iEthereum token and the project in and of itself; but we also are being censored and throttled in different fashions as a blog site. We have become hardened a bit. But to prevent any distractions causing more confusion and division; any questions or comments that get posted in an unrelated article and requires attention or response will be used as a source for future content, such as this article.

Rather than engaging in a comment posting conversation, we will simply use Aikido. Using Beth’s iEthereum question/comment as an example, we will redirect the force or energy of the question (whether distraction or genuine) and turn it into positive educational content in the form of an article for all future readers of the comments to link to. This article will be much more powerful and beneficial to the cause than a conversation thread irrelevant to the article topic at hand. The Google search algorithm is powerful and we have been looking for additional ways to add routine article posts into our weekly schedule. So let it begin.

Lets get into the meat and potatoes of this article.

You stated, “you have 250,000 iEthereum you would like to sell.” My question to you is, “Are they the original iEthereum or the newer iEthereum?”

The original iEthereum contract is 0x859a9C0b44cb7066D956a958B0b82e54C9e44b4B.

The newer iEthereum contract is 0xC71D8BaAa436aa7E42DA1f40bEc48F11AB3c9E4A.

The iEthereum Advocacy Trust, at this time only supports and advocates for the original iEthereum. We tend to shy away from publishing any relative information pertaining to the new iEthereum red token to prevent further confusion.

We do have article posts scheduled through this year that will touch on this part of the iEthereum history and will detail the technical, fundamental and mystery of the new iEthereum “red” token as well as the iEthereum Finance “green” contract. We feel it is important to document and record but we feel at this time it is an inferior product.

We will explain our reasoning for this in future article. In short, the original iEthereum is immutable with less supply and there is a current market to buy and sell. We hope that new light will come to the iEthereum project and each of these iEthereum tokens will perform different functions within the ecosystem providing greater value to the community.

So if you have the original iEthereum; you can sell them most likely in the same place that you bought them. Either Yobit, the centralized exchange via pairs such as BTC, Ethereum, Waves, USD or Russian Ruble. Or on Uniswap via pairs of Ethereum, Hex or Paxos Gold.

I will say this as some advice. Two things:

  1. If you hold original iEthereum and your question was genuinely not intended for distraction; I would infer that you do not have the crypto experience necessary to be dabbling into these high risk low volume tokens. I would suggest brushing up a bit. Meaning if you know where and how to buy and yet not know that you can sell them in the same spot and that the process for selling is the same as buying just reverse; then you need a little more experience before you foray into iEthereum.

  2. If you held your iEthereum in your Eidoo wallets prior to September 2022, you also possess iEthereum on three different blockchain networks; ie Ethereum POW, Ethereum Fair, and Pulsechain. There is further elbow room to claim your free iEthereum on Pulsechain as it didn’t fork until later. You can read the article I wrote regarding how to claim your free PiEth (Pulsechain iEthereum) via the hyperlink above. I have future articles coming explaining how to claim your iEthereum on Ethereum POW and Ethereum Fair in the near future. Please stay posted. In the meantime you can read our general article regarding your choices in iEthereum for different chains in the article titled, “Ether Either iEther Or” published on August 16th, 2023.

These forked copies of iEthereum also exist for the “new” iEthereum as well. You will be able to follow the same directions supplied for the original iEthereum, just substitute the new iEthereum contract address.

So if you have the newer iEthereum;, you will not be able to sell your “new or red” iEthereum at this time. The markets in which you bought; either the Saturn exchange or Bitcratic are no longer in business. At the very least we do not have access to any of these markets at the moment. If you purchased from either of these decentralized exchanges your crypto prowess far surpasses the majority of crypto users and therefore I have the utmost confidence that you wouldn’t be seeking an answer to your question via a comment box. You would already know that all available markets for the new iEthereum are not available. You would probably also assume that when you bought them, these were long shot risks. You would also probably be feeling like the rest of us that bought them that perhaps we have been scammed. I don’t know. I hope not. There is a lot of potential there mixed with alluring mystery. My point is Aikido. lol

This will also be the case for your iEthereum Finance. If you possess iEthereum Finance; these tokens were not even available to buy via an exchange. You had to trust a smart contract function. Your crypto technical know how to obtain these far surpasses even the technical aforementioned above.

Now with that said, I have pondered as to whether you you could send your iFi back to the contract and receive Ethereum in exchange. I have not tried and I would not try if your not willing to lose your iEthereum Finance. I will have to look into. Might be worth a follow up article down the road.

But with all that known, why would you want to sell now?

I might be willing to purchase, as a P2P transfer, your “new” iEthereum. But as a precondition, I would require an on the record video that we could have a useful and friendly iEthereum conversation as early investors. We could discuss all things iEthereum. The community is yearning for such content.

In conclusion, as far as your Eidoo wallets, you will need to have the keywords or pass phrases to access your iEthereum (new or old) and to your iFi. To send from your Eidoo to an exchange or market you will need to have some Ethereum to pay for the gas of the transaction.

Additionally, your iFi tokens on the EthPOW, EthFair and Pulsechain networks exist and can be claimed just like the iEthereums.

Beth, I hope this helps. I spent more time on a thorough reply via this article than just responding to the comment post. I am sincere when I say I like discussing iEthereum and helping the iEtherean community. I think your questions were valid and this article will help many others, including myself on these administrative matters. Thank you. Welcome to the community. And please consider my email to be an open line of communication pertaining to iEthereum. mailto:[email protected]


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