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iEthereum and the Recent Apple News by the Numbers!

Propagating the Subliminal Seed of iEthereum? Or Not?

iEthereum by the numbers!

I am going to start this bonus article by saying that I don’t want to go down the path that all I am doing with iEthereum is talking about this hidden riddle that may or may not exists; spoken in the language of Gematria.

For me to speak numbers and gematria and how it pertains to iEthereum is exhausting. I am intrigued by Gematria but not super skilled or passionate about devoting my entire time decoding all for not even knowing what it all means. Sometimes time is spent better doing other things.

With that said, some things need to be said and interest needs to be peaked. Connections between the universe and iEthereum need to be made. I believe there is some interesting intersections with iEthereum, Apple and the news of recent times. More specifically, the Superbowl and the upcoming Solar Eclipse. For that reason, I have been on a mission to get the iEthereum riddle and connections documented.

My apologies for it being overbearing or dominating the iEthereum topic lately.

Thank you for listening and/or reading.

Back to the iEthereum riddle.

Remember, there are several gematria ciphers that are known and used. What this means is there are several numbers that correlate to any given word. Is the use of gematria coincidence? I am positive that there is an organic side, aka coincidence, to this phenomenon. However, I am also 100% positive this supernatural phenomenon has been turned into a science, a practice. And this makes sense to me. Its like a farmer. He implements science and practice into his farming process even though the days, sun, rain, etc are all organic to the process.

That seed grows no matter what the farmer does. Or in this comparative case, that word is already spelled. Its the discipline, science and practice that makes it strong, useful, purposeful, efficient, bigger and better.

All words, spellings, letters have thirty one known and used gematria ciphers. Each cipher is used by different groups or power structures or intertwined for magical intentions.

Lets take iEthereum as an example. Each cipher and its correlated number is listed below.

So yes, is there a possibility or coincidence that certain numbers correlate to different words. Of course, especially when there are 31 options. But, the highest number in an iEthereum gematria coded calculation is 2499 as you can see in the Reverse Squares cipher. But when you take the percentage of chance (coincidence) as being 31 numbers out of 2499, in the case of iEthereum, that are correlated to news events; this equates to less than 1.3% chance. Its less than that when you take into consideration that there are several repeat numbers in the cipher. Meaning you might only have 28 numbers out of 2499 as a possibility of chance.

So in other words, when you start seeing a pattern of “chance” and “coincidence” that surpasses the mathematical odds, we can assume that there is more to it than coincidence. Perhaps intentional practice?

And even more “coincidental” is my interpretation of the news events surrounding these numbers. I am not just taking random numbers, random words and connecting them haphazardly. I am taking published “news” articles and “events” that are propagated to us with intention on a specific date. I didn’t write the script. I am not prophesizing the future. With certain practice, I am reporting on the past with a narrow scope and emphasis.

What I am postulating here is the crazy amount of news we have been receiving between Superbowl 58 and the upcoming solar eclipse, whether specifically Apple related or general news; is subliminally propagating a seed into our minds regarding iEthereum to be implemented after some sort of major force majeure event OR banking/currency/debt crisis OR some sort of economic disaster. A reset??? What I am picking up is not that the entire riddle is written for iEthereum but rather iEthereum has been inserted into the ritual as a means to play a part as a solution. Does this make sense?

Let me see if I can emphasize this point by highlighting news events we have seen and read about since the Superbowl that correlate to iEthereum.

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