iEthereum Numbers and the SuperBowl

The Coming Rise of iEthereum

Please read all the way through to understand how this topic ties into iEthereum. It may take me a minute to tie together.

As you know the Super Bowl festivities took place on February 11, 2024 . Just 3 weeks, 3 days back. Or 24 days ago. You will see why this is ironic in a few (3) minutes.

This special day in American history always marks the day in which the rich and powerful elite perform occult ritual magic on the world that in return harvests a lot of energy from the populous.

Every year, there is a ritual or a tribute to gods and practice. These rituals and/or tributes typically foretell what is to come in the future.

For instance, at last years Super Bowl we had a pregnant Rhianna performing magic over the masses symbolizing “birth,” or “new beginnings.”

Is it coincidence that this years Super Bowl performer was “Usher”ing in this new life, new beginning, new world? Due to the fact that so much energy was harvested from the asleep masses to the magic being performed on them; we can expect this new world to arrive and be welcomed and supported by the same masses of people.

"Football, beer, and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult." 

George Orwell, 1984

And for all of us, change is inevitable. All we can do is prepare and take advantage.

Fair enough. Perhaps those with eyes to see and ears to hear will position themselves of the opportunity in front of them and reap the benefits of this new system while those asleep will remain slaves to the mind control being performed. Tel e vision (Tell a vision) through programming. If you really want to get deep, which we don’t for this article, this tv programming is done through spiritual channeling (scrying) via a black mirror; ie your television. What “Channel is your Tell a Vision Programming” on?

You can google all things regarding the black mirror and scrying if you would like to research more on this topic. We have our own rabbit hole to deep dive today.

What did I see at the Super Bowl? And more importantly, how does it pertain to this iEthereum articles topic……?

How did this Super Bowl relate to iEthereum?

How did this Super Bowl pertain to Bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto?

How did this Super Bowl pertain to Steve Jobs and Apple?

Let us begin!

The Super Bowl (Superb Owl) started at 3:30 pm.

The Super Bowl was held at Allegiant Stadium and is located at 3333 Al Davis Way.

The Allegiant Stadium is otherwise nicknamed the Death Star. Death Star in the Gematria ciphers of Reduction and KV Exception equal 33.

The “Chiefs” in Sumerian Gematria equals 300. In Gematria, you drop the zeros. so we have another 3.

Imagine this, with :03 seconds on the clock, the Chiefs score a 3 yard touchdown to win by 3 points.

Patrick Mahomes, the QB for the Kansas City Chiefs earned his 3rd Super Bowl title and his 3rd Super Bowl MVP while throwing for 333 yards in the game.

Additionally, in Super Bowl LVIII 2024, Mahomes had some other notable stats to record here in this article. He earned the top rank for most double digit comebacks, 3, in Super Bowl history beating Tom Brady.

In the 4th quarter of this Super Bowl, he rushed four times for a total of 33 yards, including 3 rushes for first downs. Furthermore, Patrick Mahomes went 3-for-3 on 3rd down rushes. Patrick equals 33 in Reduction and Single Reduction ciphers.

This all happened on 2/11/2024. Adding these numbers all up you get 21 which when reduced in Gematria equals 3 (2+1=3).

Coincidence? Perhaps. Lets continue…

The Super Bowl halftime show is where all the “magic” happens. BTW, “magic” in Simple Ordinal Gematria is 33.

This years Super Bowl halftime show was sponsored by Apple and had Usher as its headline performer. Usher was promoting his upcoming album “Coming Home,” which equals, you guessed it, 33 in the Septenary cipher.

Lets further make the connection between iEthereum and these “Spell” ings.

As mentioned above, Apple was the Super Bowl halftime show sponsor. Apple, 300, another 3 in the Sumerian cipher.

Do we see a pattern here?

iEthereum, or iEther for short and the root meaning for the 5th element of all things life (remember the halftime show ushering in the new birth, new life) equals 33 in the Septenary cipher as well.

Do you believe its coincidence that a low volume, “%*#@” coin called iEthereum happened to have a Genesis Date in 2017 on October 9; 330 weeks prior to this Super Bowl in 2024. How about that this Super Bowl date took place 3,333,333 minutes from the iEthereum Genesis Date.

Satoshi also equals 33 in Septenary Cipher. Many other decoders have drawn correlation to this years Super Bowl and Satoshi Nakamoto and can find their work on Youtube and elsewhere.

Furthermore, I would like to point out a couple more ciphers that draw the correlation between everything. Usher, the halftime performer in two other ciphers equal 64 and 55. Notice in the duration calculator above, this Super Bowl took place 6 years 4 months from the iEthereum Genesis date. And of course you can see how the 55 is worth talk about considering this performer took to the stage 55,555 hours after the iEthereum genesis.

The 55 does not stop with Usher. That to me is just an interesting side note. The real interest in 55 is in connection to Satoshi Nakamoto and Steve Jobs.

I have always theorized that iEthereum is a tribute to a Steve Jobs creation. And if you read my article about the iEthereum wizardry you would know that I believe their is a connection between iEthereum & Apple & Steve Jobs & Satoshi & Ethereum. There is something there; but we are still deep diving on the subject matter. You can read some of those connections in the previous article I recently published called iEthereum gematria. I will expand upon this as days go by and a bit more in the following.

Regarding the Super Bowl taking place 55,555 hours from the iEthereum Genesis date as noted above. Notice Steve Jobs full name, Steven Paul Jobs and Satoshi Nakamoto equals 55 in a few ciphers.

More 5’s. Remember Apple equals 50 in the ordinal simple Gematria cipher.

Just like Steven Jobs. Notice all the 5’s whether it be 55 or 50 like Apple. Additionally, I threw in the Reverse Reduction ciphers to show the tribute connection between Steve Jobs and this past Super Bowl LVIII (58).

Not only does iEthereum have the connection to Apple and Steve Jobs with the 50, but it also has an interesting 104, or 14 component that I published in a past article, but have not yet mentioned in this article. Remember to remove the 0 in numerology.

I believe it is also important to note here; that 14 or 104, which represents iEthereum by the numbers is associated with “New Beginnings,” “Fresh Start” of infinite potential, balance harmony and hard work. Didn’t I start this blog by stating that at last years Super Bowl, Rhianna symbolically birthed new beginnings, fresh life while this Super Bowl these new beginnings were being Usher’ed in.

Super Bowl Fifty Eight equals 104 in the keypad cipher

This Super Bowl that we have drawn so much connection to so far with Apple, iEthereum, Satoshi Nakamoto, and Steve Jobs; also took place 14 days before Steve Jobs upcoming birthday on February 24.

Its interesting that Steve Jobs birthday is February 24 or 2/24. 2/24 when written “Two Two Four” equals 50 which ties back into the “5’s” and Apple, Steve Jobs, and iEthereum.

And it is this particular Super Bowl that happens to have been in the year 2024. Other ways of writing this would be 24’. Or even in numerology, if we drop the 0 in 2024, it would look like 224. Like the late Steve Jobs birthday, 2/24.

And of course, we have talked about it before, inverse numbers (24 and 42 for example) in numerology are not coincidence, yet synchronistic and spiritual.

February 11, 2024, the day of the Super Bowl was the 42 day of the year 2024. Again tying back into Steve Jobs and iEthereum as highlighted above and in previous articles.


Coincidence? Perhaps.

I will leave you with this food for thought and perhaps a segway into the future extended iEthereum riddle.

The Kansas City Chiefs of Missouri were the winners of Super Bowl 58. I would like to point out that the upcoming solar eclipse is 58 days from the Super Bowl, on April 8th, 2024, and has a path over Missouri. “Eclipse” equals 33 in two ciphers!

So why were there so many tributes to the number 3 in the Super Bowl?

Is your guess as good as mine? My hypothesis is that “iEthereum is the Human Standard.”

Not financial advise. Only fun riddle decoding!

Please go read my previous article detailing the connection between Steve Jobs and iEthereum. I think everyone including myself is a little numerologically exhausted at this point. So much more to come.

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