iEthereum and Human Psychology!

Crypto Cognition: Exploring the Intersection of iEthereum and Human Behavior

Today we are going to take two separate topics to discuss in combination; iEthereum and Human Psychology.

Is iEthereum to good to be true?

Read to the end to watch an encapsulated video of this articles narrative theme.

If I am presented with a Rolex watch for one penny... It looks like a Rolex. It feels like a Rolex. The Rolex is made of real gold. The Rolex presents the time accurately +- 2 seconds every 24 hours. The Rolex has the genuine logo. Do you take the opportunity?

I would bet you would for $0.01. What do you have to lose?

And perhaps you wouldn’t. iEthereum is currently $0.01-$0.02 at time of this writing.

It is just as shiny as a Rolex.

Let’s raise the stakes a bit. What if the Rolex was $100 or $500?

More people would pass on this opportunity. Its probably to good to be true. Am I getting scammed? Is this a fraud? Am I buying stolen property?

And perhaps you would. If iEthereum were $100-$500 it would be the hottest commodity in the game and everyone would be doing everything in their power to acquire more.

Human psychology is interesting.

When people are presented an opportunity; it is a natural defense to be skeptical or incredulous.

In psychology, these behaviors are typically caused by cognitive biases or mental heuristics. While heuristics are intended to make fast decisions; cognitive biases are systemic mental processing errors that relate to ones ability or inability to critically think. This could stem from memory, attention span, attribution, fallacies or other mental discrepancies.

iEthereum isn’t a watch but it is a digital asset which is currently the greatest performing asset class of the 20th century at the moment.

Furthermore, iEthereum can also tell time if programmed to do so with more accuracy than a Rolex.

iEthereum looks like a phoenix. iEthereum chirps like a phoenix. iEthereum flys like a phoenix. iEthereum lays eggs like a phoenix. Is iEthereum a phoenix?

Do people not see this? Or do they see this and ignore it?

It is one thing if you don’t know this cryptocurrency even exists. Many people rely on the “crypto influencers” on Youtube to blindly follow. Let me tell you that I am aware of many influencers that are aware of iEthereum and have not brought it to the attention of their community. You would think they would at least give a warning to a fraud or scam if they believed it to be so. Lame. They talk about “Shiba Deba Yabba Do Slerf” coin. If your lucky they are telling you to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hex, Litecoin, Monero, or several other options. If your unlucky they are telling you to buy FTX, Celsius, Terra Luna, Solana, Poopy Doopy or any other number of shiny new digital meme object tokens instead. Why not inquire about iEthereum?

iEthereum contains the Apple logo. If its a fraud, it deserves to be announced as such. If it is an Apple product, it deserves to be presented as the opportunity as it is. If it is unknown, it deserves the discussion.

We have spoken on the fact that the iEthereum technology is being constrained in a multifaceted manner. The fact that no influencer to date has been speaking on the iEthereum technology or code is just one example of the gatekeeping that is taking place. Media control is very powerful.

When somebody overlooks genuine opportunity it is often related to some form of their ability to critically think for themselves. Such instances could be related to the following.

Confirmation bias is when people seek out information that confirms their existing beliefs or expectations while downplaying or ignoring evidence that contradicts their beliefs. This would be an example for anyone that is a specific crypto maxi, like Bitcoin Maxis’. Anything that isn’t BTC is inferior. When in fact, BTC, although good technology; has gotten corrupted and it is outdated for the peoples use. Let governments and large institutions have it. Oh wait, they already have it and they rely on the retail/commercial masses influenced by the influencers to keep the asset financially interesting. If people were truly interested in the BTC technology, then there are many alternative options that have the same technological mechanisms that make BTC great; and for a much cheaper price. BTC has first mover advantage and a Maxi army to control your mind and keep the scheme going. For that reason, I own a little BTC. I just don’t buy more.

Anchoring bias is very appropriate for the iEthereum discussion. An anchor bias is associated with initial information or experiences. Such that if somebody has never encountered such an incredible offer before; they might anchor their judgement on the rarity of the opportunity leading them to doubt the validity.

Many personalities are risk adverse. In the future hindsight of iEthereum, we will look back and see those that made life changing wealth are definitely not risk adverse. People have tendency to avoid risk especially when the outcome seems to good to be true. Even if none exists; they fear negative outcomes or consequences. I can assure you there is less negative outcomes now in the present if you invest in iEthereum verses down the road if and when iEthereum becomes worth thousands of dollar per. Currently, the iEthereum investment potential is dollars to the upside and pennies to the downside. $100 invested in iEthereum today gets you 4000 iEthereum verses 1 if your lucky. When this pops, its going to pop hard.

Trust issues is another major factor in peoples ability to see opportunities in front of them. I believe this is a societal issue. Almost a stockholm syndrome type behavior. One in which people have been abused by the institutions that govern us. For this, shame on our oppressors. Past experiences of deception or fraud make individuals less trusting. Makes sense right? Why would you trust an Apple logo attached to iEthereum? As I have mentioned before; until I am told that there is no affiliation via public announcement by Apple, I believe it to be Apple. If and when this happens, perhaps I will have trust issues. lol

People tend to assign higher value to items that are rare or scarce. Including opportunities. When presented an opportunity such as an iEthereum token for less than ten cents; people begin to question why such a valuable asset would be offered for such a low price which leads to them doubt authenticity. In human psychology this is called scarcity heuristics.

We touched on this above but social influence has a lot to do with peoples actions or inactions. The reality of humans in our beliefs and behaviors are influenced by the opinions and actions of others that we surround ourselves with. If others express disbelief or skepticism regarding iEthereum, this will reinforce others doubts and beliefs. We are a herd. Fact. Easily controlled and manipulated. If iEthereum is an Apple product, there will be a time and place this electrical shock will be inserted into the masses and everyone will be running toward this asset with a hope they can ascertain. Most will buy at a price above $1000. Perhaps if you have been watching this token from the sidelines you will be able to catch it as if flies between todays prices and it becoming 1:1 with Ethereum virtually overnight. If it is not an Apple product; the technology is still great; especially for a P2P cryptocurrency, with added functionality, on the Ethereum blockchain.

Individuals that believe themselves to be smarter than they are often times overestimate the probability of negative outcomes or risks associate with the opportunity presented. This leads to a decision that dismisses the opportunity as too good to be true. This is a natural tendency to protect ourselves from undesirable outcomes. I have often referred to iEthereum as either genius or idiocy. I’m okay with “iEther” outcome and/or belief.

I was sent this video. In fact, its the source and cause of this entire article. Thank you Ann Lozenford for your contribution to the community and discussion. Very much appreciated. Please feel free to share.

And for the record, whatever you decide on iEthereum; I have decided to invest in SLERF.

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