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Is iEthereum Cosmically Aligned with Apple 24 WWDC?

Documenting the Gematria of the iEthereum Journey

As of June 4th, 2024, I am writing this article with the intention of posting it later. I prefer not to use gematria to attempt to "predict" dates for events related to iEthereum, but rather to analyze them after the fact, highlighting dates that have come and gone so we can assess the phenomenon alongside published news articles.

Gematria, the study of merging letters and numbers is an organic natural phenomenon used by man to harness its power. It can be seen as a practice of mysticism or wizardry in its use.

I am not asking you to believe in this magic. Instead, I am pointing out that the power structures of this world use and incorporate this power into their religion.

“Numbers are the highest degree of knowledge. It is knowledge itself.”


I have written several articles using Gematria to decode iEthereum and its connections to Steve Jobs, Vitalik Buterin, Satoshi Nakmoto, Ethereum, and Apple via certain numbers. I have also linked these entities to news events and topics such as the Super Bowl and the Solar Eclipse. Today we are going to connect these events with the upcoming Apple 24 Worldwide Developer Conference.

This blog site is not intended to be a mystical observatory of planetary events and numbers related to iEthereum. However, I did mention that I would share important dates or observations relevant to this “magic show” when appropriate. Today is such a day. This content is not only important to archive but also interesting for critical thinking. It breaks the monotony of boring technical jargon.

The iEthereum riddle continues.

My article titled iEthereum Numbers and the SuperBowl published on March 6th 2024 highlighted an important ritual involving the number of 33, evident during the game and the Apple-sponsored halftime show with “Usher.” Usher was the first connection I noticed with the number 64 inserted into the iEthereum riddle.

I highlighted the number 55 in the EHP cipher, directly connecting this iEthereum riddle to Satoshi Nakamoto.

Today we will focus on the numbers 24 and 42, 33, 46 and 64, as well as the number 58 in reference to the date interval calculation between SuperBowl 58 and certain events. As above, so below, we touch on 55 to keep the riddle connected to Satoshi Nakamoto.

Two upcoming dates stand out to me, utilizing Gematria to connect this past Super Bowl 58 with iEthereum, Steve Jobs, Satoshi Nakamoto, and Apple. These dates are June 10th which is the annual Apple 24 Worldwide Developers Conference start date. The other date is April 5th, 2025 which happens to be Satoshi Nakamoto’s “birthday.” We will save this date decode for another article in the future.

From Super Bowl 58 to June 10th, the opening day of the Apple 24 Conference is 120 days or 3 months and 30 days. This continues the iEthereum riddle and the number 33 in connection with the Super Bowl.

Additionally, the 120-day is significant to this riddle. If we input 120 written in alpha form “One Twenty” or “One Two Zero,” into the gematria calculator, we get numbers connected to the riddle, including numerous 42’s, 58 (tying into Super Bowl 58), 55 and 321 connecting to Satoshi.

Steve Jobs equals 42.

iEth equals 42 and 24.

“Apple Twenty Four Worldwide Developer Conference” equals 204. Drop the 0 in numerology.

Apple equals 24.

I have to throw this into the riddle as it seems fitting for the times. War equals 42 and may be playing a part in this storyline. We want to document the connection and make a place holder, a clue to our detective senses.

It is interesting to me that when written in alpha form; “Four Two” or “Two Four” equals 123, the inverse of 321.

Additionally, the number 321 connects the riddle, as show above with the date intervals and iEthereum. NOTE: 321 is reminiscent of a countdown, 3…2…1....

Satoshi connects to this riddle sharing the numbers 24 ( the inverse of 42), 33, 46 (the inverse of 64), 55, 58, and 321.

In my article, “The Solar Eclipse and iEthereum,” I highlighted the ritual connection between this celestial event and iEthereum, Superbowl 58, Steve Jobs and Satoshi Nakamoto. The solar eclipse occurred 58 days after Superbowl 58.

As an interesting side note date; from the Solar Eclipse on April 8th to June 4, 2024 was 58 days. June 4th can be written 6/4, or 64 in numerology.

On 6/4, news broke regarding Apple, Taiwan and its chip maker TMSC. I could go into a deep decode of this article but I do not want to get to distracted as there are numerous connections to the riddle. However, to emphasize how this 6/4 news event connects to this riddle and the number 33 please see image below.

Between the Solar Eclipse on April 8th and June 10, 2024, the start of the Apple 24 developer conference, there are 64 days.

In the article “iEthereum and the Recent Apple News by the Numbers,” I emphasized the importance of the number 64 and 46 in this riddle, without knowing its purpose.

I am still confused on the importance of the number 64 in which these riddles also tie into. With the help of AI, I wrote a prompt and script to help us potentially solve the importance of 64 in the riddle. Here are a few thoughts in closing.

Here we are again. So, the Apple 24’ Worldwide Developer Conference is taking place 64 days from the solar eclipse.

We began following this 64 aspect to the riddle with this past Super Bowl and Usher’s performance at the Apple Halftime show. Usher equals 64.

I’ve previously suggested that iEthereum is a creation of Steve Jobs, and perhaps he is Satoshi Nakamoto or part of the Satoshi team.

Here is an another example of the connection between Vitalik Buterin and this riddle and more specifically the numbers 64 and 46.

What does all this mean?

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