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Gematria, iEthereum and the Lunar Eclipse

iEthereum Riddle by the Numbers

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Are we all fools for iEthereum?

Perhaps I am. Until we get some sort of public confirmation or denial from Apple; I will continue to speak about. For those just now finding us; we promote education and discussion regarding the mystery surrounding iEthereum. We discuss the things that we know and we speculate on things that we do not know.

I think its fair to say that we speculate on if it is an Apple product or not. We do not know. We emphasize this frequently. iEthereum does carry the Apple brand identity, as well as the Ethereum logo at its core. It is not a stretch of the imagination.

What could be a stretch of the imagination is the following riddle!

Have you noticed there has been lot of news lately regarding Apple?

Lets focus on the 58 days prior to the upcoming April 8th solar eclipse.

If you are not familiar with Gematria; please feel free to do your own research to get a full grasp. In short, Gematria is the Geometry of Words. Every letter represents a number. Gematria is an ancient occult practice that Man realized they became God (or at least Man plays God ) when God merged letters and numbers. The power structures of today use 31 known different ciphers to communicate and “Spell” magic upon the masses.

Don’t speak negatively about yourself, even as a joke. Your body doesn’t know the difference. Words are energy and cast spells; that’s why its called spelling.

Bruce Lee

So whether the words are of motivational purpose or for the purpose of propaganda, Bruce Lee is right. Words are nothing more than spells (spelled out).

So for instance, in a previous article we mentioned that from the Superbowl 58 halftime time show sponsored by Apple to the upcoming solar eclipse was 58 days. Notice the connection between spelled names Steven Jobs, iEthereum, Apple and the number 58. And I threw in 85 as that is the inverse of 58, which is spiritual in nature.

I have long believed that iEthereum is some sort of tribute, ritual, or creation of Steve Jobs. I am not sure if I used the correct adjectives there, but there seems to be a connection. And therefore, hence, a connection to Apple.

Since the Apple Superbowl 58 Halftime Show we have been inundated with Apple related news. Feel free to go reread the article “iEthereum Numbers and the Superbowl” to read the correlation of how we got here.

How does this pertain to the Lunar Eclipse, and how does it connect to iEthereum? How is this a riddle?

Well its the year 2024. I have been following iEthereum for many years and I always felt the year we would see iEthereum progress into the limelight would be 2024 and going into 2025 if it was going to. There are many reasons for this thought belief. I have sprinkled various thoughts on the topic into numerous past and future articles. One of which , is that it was cryptically mentioned in the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston: Building an Ethereum Proof of Concept whitepaper that the thought was somewhere between the years 2021 -2026 would be the years for mainstream crypto public adoption.

Here we are; the present year is 2024, or 24’.

iEth, the ticker symbol for iEthereum equals 24 in a multitude of ciphers. As you can see I threw the ordinal gematria cipher for iEth in as well. 42, the inverse to 24. Inverse numbers are spiritual and powerful in nature according to this occult practice. This also ties iEth to Steve Jobs with a 42 in the Septenary cipher.

And of course, both iEth and Steve Jobs are tied to Apple with 24, the fitting Keypad phone cipher.

So from a magical numbers and ritual perspective, I am assuming we can see something regarding iEthereum in this year 2024. This is obviously speculation; Its one big riddle and I am not in the club to know any inside information. However, it seems this riddle plays into a bigger economic picture.

I have another decipher article related to iEthereum, Apple and the Economic Magazine written in 1988 coming soon. On the cover it shows the Phoenix rising over burning fiat currency.

“Fiat Burning” or “burning fiat” equals 240. In this numerological practice, the zero is always removed (not counted) leaving the connection to Apple, Steve Jobs, iEth and the number 24.

Similarly, the Great Reset which has been the buzz headlines circulating the news since the Covid plandemic. The Great Reset equals 204 in the Reverse Caps Added cipher. And again, you don’t count the zero in Gematria (numerology) and you have another 24. A better way of looking at the zero in this practice is that the “0” is the number of the ‘God’ force and reinforces, amplifies and magnifies the numbers it appears with.

Many people were not aware that on late Sunday night, 3/24/2024, we had an undramatic lunar eclipse. Yes, on the 24th day in the year 24’; we had a lunar eclipse. The Superbowl to this Lunar Eclipse was exactly 42 days, another inverse of 24 and another tribute to Steve Jobs, Apple and iEthereum.

This lunar eclipse happened on March’s full moon, known as the “Worm” Moon. For those of you that want to say this occurred on the 25th, not the 24th. Sure, its the lunar eclipse not a solar eclipse; meaning it happens overnight spanning 2 dates. The night of the 24th and the early morning of the 25th.

The word “worm” in several ciphers equals 24 connecting iEth. Interestingly, the worm is referenced throughout historical mythology and literature and the symbolic meaning is divided between “Death and Renewal.” We spoke about “Usher” performing at the Apple halftime show and how this was symbolical of “new beginnings” or “renewal.”

“Worm Moon” also equates to 42, tying together the aforementioned.

Lunar eclipses happen when the Earth positions itself between the moon and the sun. This particular lunar eclipse was considered a penumbral, which is different from the partial lunar eclipse in which we will see September 17-18th, 2024.

Negate the zero and again we have another 24 in this cipher.

Before we move on; I have began noticing some similarities in eclipse images and the iEthereum logo. The iEthereum logo is clearly an Apple logo but there is one significant difference in which those doubters love to point out. The leaf and the fruit appear to be touching on the iEthereum logo, whereas the official Apple logo clearly has the two separated. The blue coloring outline of the iEthereum logo, if removed is a picture perfect outline of the official Apple logo. The leaf and the fruit are separated and the ratio is perfect. To add to this riddle; I am theorizing that the blue color hue is as if the Apple is eclipsing a light source beyond creating an aura. Signaling a time frame in which we are now in.

“Blue Light” equals 42 drawing correlation between Apple, Steve Jobs, iEthereum and these celestial events.

If you have read previous articles regarding the gematria of iEthereum you are aware that the number 14 ties iEthereum, Ethereum, Apple, Steve Jobs and Vitalik Buterin all together as well. Remember above, I mentioned there are several known gematria ciphers that are used for their magic. The upcoming solar eclipse being 14 days apart from this past lunar eclipse is significant to the riddle.

Blue and green light emission that creates an aura is common during eclipses according to Scientific American. “Aura” connects to iEthereum via “14.”

Its interesting that “blue light” is commonly known as the light emission from phones and computers. But in religious context discussing the heavens, the blue light ray is led by the Archangel Michael representing power, protection, faith, courage, and strength. This blue light is symbolic of fighting for good over evil.

Blue Light Ray is equal to 140, another 14. And just to slip it in there… Archangel equals 42, another connection to iEthereum, Steve Jobs, and Apple in the riddle as mentioned above exhaustively.

Are we witnessing a turning of events where good begins to shed light on evil?

Is iEthereum symbolic of this event in which we are witnessing?

This Lunar eclipse has been eclipsed by the much anticipated solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. 14 Days apart. That is right another symbolic 14. I have another article planned for this solar eclipse connection to iEthereum coming soon.

As mentioned above, the worm meaning is symbolic of renewal. Remove the zero and you have 14.

iEthereum is 14 in the Ordinal cipher.

Apple is equal to 14 in the Septenary cipher. And BTW, Apple formed as a company on April 1, 1976. Or otherwise written 4/1.

Jobs equals 14. Or Steve Paul Jobs equals 41, the inverse.

And of course we can not leave out Ethereum which equals 41 in a multitude of ciphers.

Ethereum equaling 41 is interesting because its the inverse of 14. Typically, in financial worlds, if there is an “i” in front of the ticker symbol or financial product it refers to the “inverse.” So for instance, iEthereum would typically refer to an inverse Ethereum product. iEthereum equaling 14 the inverse of Ethereum equaling 41.

I have mentioned this concept to friends and acquaintances regarding iEthereum. If Apple were to be heavily invested in Ethereum or the EVM, it would make sense that they would create an inverse Ethereum to leverage the risk associated with such a heavy reliance on Ethereum. Is this the purpose for iEthereum???

Is this all coincidence? Perhaps. And perhaps, these master wizards, witches and magicians that understand how the matrix works, that control our world; create lasting products that coincide with the way the universe works. Perhaps like time sorcery. A way to capture, project and utilize energies.

“Millionaires do not need astrologers, but billionaires do!”

Do yourself a favor if you would like to see evidence of such. Search Google image under “astrologer crystal ball.” Then Google image “Trump, World Leaders, Crystal Ball.”

Your mind will draw the correlation and I wont be using copyrighted images for this article. The event took place in 2017 in Saudi Arabia if you need further reference to Google.

If you like these types of articles, let me know, share, comment, etc. I have several more that are planned and related to the iEthereum, Apple, Economy, News Cycles, Eclipses and Numbers riddle scheduled to be published as bonuses over the next few weeks as I believe they are relative with pertinent timing. Or perhaps its just entertainment that gives us a little hope.

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